Shrinking city Silberhöhe

Interactive real-time visualisation

The city Halle/Saale is shrinking! It’s shrinking that much, that you could tear down a whole part of  the city because all these flats are not needed any more. The idea is to remove the concrete and let nature reclaim the area. It’s an extreme scenario and it got shown at the exhibition “Wandelhalle” to create awareness and discussion.

In an interactive real-time 3D visualisation the visitor can travel into the future and see how the area will ‘develop’. The application is divided in two layers. The first layer is a more abstract view from outside where it’s possible to move smoothly through time. The second layer shows realistic views how important areas are planned to being changed.

Shown at the exhibition “Wandelhalle – Stadt als Ansichtssache”


  • complete 3D scene management
  • accurate scene georeferencing (everything is based on real GIS data)
  • shader programing for visuals (geometry shading and look)
  • sky dome, clouds and lightnig (shader)
  • ‘realistic’ multi-billboard trees (shader)
  • texture based management of growth and death of 30000 trees
  • texture based temporal texture change (changing the ground texture over time)